Traditional Marketing is Entering the Ice Age

Posted on Oct 31st, 2013 by eoptimized to Search engine Marketing

Traditional MarketingTraditional Marketing is Entering the Ice Age
If we take a look back at the changes in advertising and marketing over the past century, we can safely say that campaigns have always been directly correlated with the evolution in technology. Today, traditional marketing refers to what most companies relied on for advertising/marketing before the World Wide Web transcended the genre in the 1990’s: radio, newspapers, magazines, and most notably-television.
Although these mediums continue to exist, their audience has diminished considerably. Magazine subscriptions are down, TV viewers are skipping commercials, and no one is reading printed press anymore. Some businesses have adapted to the necessary changes in their marketing campaigns to “keep up” with the times. Others, however, have been lost in the dust.
So, what’s the main difference between the old/traditional marketing means and the internet? The biggest difference is how and why the marketing is being consumed by the consumer. With traditional marketing (i.e. tv, radio, and newspapers), consumers are generally not in control with what they see. Or at least that happened to be the case before ad free Tivo, paid radio such as Sirius XM, and etc.
Marketing online has become more and more difficult. Reason being is that users today are exposed to Ads as a result of their own searches/designated preferences. That makes it a little more complex-but all the more rewarding. For example, if you get 1000 people searching for gum on the web versus 1000 people who are exposed to a Wrigley’s commercial on television, the 1000 that are searching for gum on the web are “hotter” leads and more likely to act on it. See what we mean?
As a business owner, you need to market your services/products where the greater numbers of potential consumers are. In today’s technologically savvy marketplace, that is online. Whether that is through a properly formed website, visibility on social media platforms, PPC campaigns, advertisements on media, it is imperative to your business growth that you invest in marketing that meets the needs of consumers today.
Don’t allow your business to enter the Ice Age as well and start marketing your services online! Ask how we can help you reach your goals.

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