Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (also known as Internet marketing) is a multi-billion dollar industry spearheaded by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo that is most commonly broken down into two search segments:

  • Free (organic )
  • Paid (inorganic)

Let us explain how we can help you drive traffic to your website by managing these two sources.

Search engine marketing involves the promotion of a website by increasing visibility in the search engine results pages by means of advertising and site optimization(utilizing both on-page and off-page strategies). As a search engine marketing company, we utilize search engine optimization to help adjust or rewrite your current content to help you achieve a higher rank in the search engines. SEM is much broader than that of SEO. SEM incorporates both paid search results and that of organic. Search engine advertising uses Bing ads or AdWords, article submissions, PPC campaigns and advertising to make sure web exposure is achieved. Our company will perform a detail keyword analysis campaign and generate a list of keywords that will be used on website optimization as well as paid marketing campaign. The success of search engine marketing is based on making the right choices on which keywords to target, pages to point Ads to, budgeting, Ad copy and then optimization of the landing page to ensure great user experience. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of this growing industry and the complexities of what the search engines want to see/read, it is vital to the success of your campaign that you enlist the help of seasoned experts who can help establish, monitor, and consequently modify at the right time intervals your marketing strategy to keep your campaign up to date with dynamic “best practices”.

SMM or Social Media Marketing is also another form of web marketing that goes hand and hand with everything else implemented on the site and on advertisement platforms. It involves the exploitation of social media to influence consumers that a particular service or product is superior to that of others online. The biggest thing is to harness a significant ROI for your marketing campaign. The goal is to get you into the top ranks of the search engines without having to pay a fortune to get you there.

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